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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Nat Lofthouse OBE - RIP

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Manchester United legend Sir Bobby Charlton led the tributes to one of the sport's true greats.

"The first time I saw a professional game was at Newcastle and Nat Lofthouse was playing," Charlton told BBC Radio 5 live's Sportsweek programme. "They were talking about him as this youngster that had just burst on to the scene and he was fantastic.

"He was a leader, he had fantastic ability in the air and he was strong. He was a talisman.

"I played about four of five games with him with England at the end of his career and I felt that he was the one that was in charge.

"I know a lot of people in the game of football will be very, very sad today about Nat Lofthouse, who was a great player without any question.

"You just put the ball in there at any height and he was so brave. He scored phenomenal goals in the air.

"In those days, if you were a centre forward, you had to do more than score goals. You had to lead. You had to be tough.

"It was a hard game then. It wasn't like today, it was so tough. The pitches were bad, the ball was heavy, the equipment was awful but Nat Lofthouse loved the game of football. He was ever so proud to be a part of it."


Not the worst person to praise you

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Had the pleasure of Nat's company at a match in the mid-80's. A real gentleman whose love of Bolton Wanderers and the town of Bolton was never far from the topic of conversation. Made me proud to be a Wanderer.


Bolton has lost its one true Legend.


RIP "Sir" Nat.

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Just for you then, Mounts ......


Lofthouse Saga


Lofty the Lion of Vienna

Has retired from t? football field.

It took a medical specialist

To make Lofthouse finally yield.


All t? best centre halves in t? Country

Tried their hand at stopping our Nat.

Nearly all had t? give up the struggle;

You can blame Mother Nature for that.


Like a centurion tank was our Nathan

Wi? a turn of speed like a bomb.

Many a goalie?s said sadly

?I wonder where that come from ??


He?d six goals against League of Ireland

And two in the Final o? t? Cup.

Steve Bloomer?s record was beaten

As Nat?s tally mounted up.


He?s scored more for England than any

(along wi? Tom Finney his mate).

And when he brought t? cup back to Bowton

He weren?t Nat but Lofty the Great.


Yet at seventeen he were totally different

Not knowing his left from his reet;

In fact one spectator in t? paddock

Once swore he?d a pair of left feet.


Still they persevered wi? young Lofty

And, by gum, it paid in the end;

Not only had Bowton got a centre

But th? autograph boys had a friend.


They clamoured round Nat like a film star

There were times when they wouldn?t let him go.

Is Nat well liked in Bowton ?

Ask t? kids, and they?ll let you know.


But for all the affection they?ve given him

He?s not been affected by it;

Just like the day when he started

He?s still got a cap that?ll fit.


Harry Gregg just after t? Final

Went into Nat?s for a beer

Who returned his money and told him

?We don?t charge goalkeepers here.?


Th? Evening News won?t sell as many papers

Now Nat?s disappeared from the scene.

It?s just like putting a curtain

In front of your TV screen.


And without him down at Burnden

Th? excitement won?t be the same.

I wish we could see you again, Nat,

If only just for one game.


So good luck, Nat, in the future

In trying t? find one t? fill your shirt,

Cos you?ll not find another Nat Lofthouse

And that?s a Stonewall Racing cert.


Mr. Kay, Tonge Moor, circa 1960 [ from Percy M. Young?s ?Bolton Wanderers? (1961) ]

Edited by Rembrandt
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Guest Shunky_Mun_Kano

I remember when Nat Lofthouse was on 'This Is Your Life' and he greeted all his guests with "Oreet Cock? thanks for coming"


Considering his status, they don't come more down to earth than that!


Boltons favourite son.....






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Guest man_walking_dog

met him once and asked for hi autograph. never heard a bad word against the man and you're not going to hear one now. he took time out to chat and talk and never gave the impression that it was a pain talking football to a complete stranger. a humble and very likeable man

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Firstly, condolences to the Lofthouse family.


The overwhelming message here is that above all else the great man was simply a sparkling chap, a proper gent. To maintain such humility regardless of his hero status is what sets men like Sir Nat apart from the rest of us.


The fact that he managed to do this whilst being one of the greatest ever footballers and propelling our club to the highest echelons of the sport is beyond remarkable.


His legacy, and more importantly his approach to life, should have a space in the heart of every single BWFC fan. His personality and devotion to his beloved team will forever be the fabric of Bolton Wanderers Football Club. Tonight, we raise a glass and a smile to an amazing man. Just a shame we don't all have an F.A. Cup each to drink from.


Good Night and God Bless.

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borrowed from the 606 website....




There was a lad from Bolton, Nat Lofthouse was his name, he used to work in coal mines, until he reached the hall of fame, and the world of football came along and took him out the mines, oh the lad from Bolton was a legend of his time.


The call from England came again, to play on foreign soil, and England V the Austrians would be a battle royal, And the Austrians would soon find out who wore the number nine, It was Lofthouse, pride of Bolton and a legend in his time


The match remained in deadlock, it looked an each way bet, till Lofty took a through ball and smashed it in the net, he's the lion of Vienna, like the tommys of the Rhine, the England centre forward and a legend of his time


The game of footballs changed a bit, since I was a little lad, with my scarf and rattle in my hand, cheering with my dad, and gone are the days of the old brass band and Lofty in his prime, oh the Wanderers centre forward was a legend from his time.


He was the lion, the lion of Vienna, he was the lion, the pride of Lancashire, there will be other centre forwards and other football teams, but the Lion of Vienna is the best there's ever been!!!


R.I.P Nat



condolences to his family, the man will be greatly missed

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Guest gary ellis

As a young boy growing up in the 1950's Lofty was the main reason why I was proud to be a Boltonian, proud to be a Wanderer. At the time it was not something that I was able to fully rationalise. Of course, he was a local hero but it was chatting to Forest fans before the game, when we played Nottingham Forest in the sixth round of the FA Cup in 1959, that I realised the esteem that he was held in by football fans everywhere.

Over the years that followed I came to fully appreciate that this was a man who embodied the true spirit, not just of the game that we love, but also the human values of endeavour, loyalty and modesty that marked him out as someone very special.

RIP Lofty, you will never be forgotten.

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