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  1. I was on the last seat of the away fans next to theirs. They were throwing coins and almost foaming at the mouth when we were celebrating.
  2. alibob


    Genuinely upset about this, he was lovely and always had time for a chat. 😢
  3. 🙃 Who would think the chat up line ‘are you Alibob off w-ways?’ Would work!
  4. alibob

    Wigan away

    An away match I can walk to. I should go...
  5. I was going to say thst football will change for you after having kids. Probably not. You still live your life as normal. (Not aimed at you btw.)
  6. I live 5 minutes from the park where Wigan are having their promotion party on Sunday. Time to find a) babysitter a ticket
  7. Save your money for more important things. I’m almost glad I can’t find anyone to babysit now.
  8. Three pages before anyone mentioned these lot. Think I agree with you on this one.
  9. http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/poo-gate-sunderland-fan-i-11638099
  10. alibob


    Funny how the Sun thinks the pitch invasion after the Peterborough match is relevant enough to feature in the article.
  11. Cheers. Thinking of jumping on the cheap fares from Wigan anyway and can always have a day shopping in Birmingham if it gets moved!
  12. I just said that. I'd probably go.
  13. alibob


    '@MarcIles Very Sad to hear the passing of the wife of ex BWFC Head of Sport Science Mark Taylor in the Manchester bombing, tragic Marc'
  14. You're not a coward, speaking out here has shown courage. Please speak to someone 'in real life' about how you're currently feeling.
  15. Definitely worth giving CBT a go, even if once you've tried it you decide it's not for you. I didn't see how it could work but it's about changing how you think and stopping negative reinforcements. I think there's a few 'exercises' you can look at online if you'd like me to dig out the links?
  16. Pretty sure it is. Nice fella. His wife is lovely too, for a Wigan fan!
  17. When would the Sky match be for the first weekend? On the Friday?
  18. Ticket information announced: http://mobile.bwfc.co.uk//news/article/2016-17/bolton-wanderers-port-vale-efl-league-one-2016-17-3649671.aspx
  19. There'll be more of us than Wigan fans soon!
  20. How was it Uwe referred to us when he was at Wigan? 'That club down the road'? Must still be bitter.
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