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  1. For balance Chorley Morrisons have a 4 pack of it for £5.50 😁 Nothing new for Northern Monk either, sure they had a jam roly poly beer out last year
  2. Fans are too close to the pitch, or maybe too stupid to understand the concept 🙂 Either way ball goes into the stands, player grabs another ball from a cone to take a throw in, and 10 seconds later the original ball gets launched into the pitch from the crowd and play has to get stopped whilst it’s cleared off. Ends up wasting even more time. Also potentially open to abuse by fans hanging onto the ball until an opposition attack starts and then returning it onto the pitch to stop the play. I just don’t think the benefits outweigh the negatives to be honest.
  3. Everything except the ball on cones/multiball which for me just doesn’t work in this country
  4. Gyokeres only scored 3 for Coventry when they loaned him in January
  5. Been up myself today, never seen it that busy! We got a joint membership about 12 months ago, nice safe place for the Mrs to take the little one for a run around. Get up there once a month usually, interesting to see how different things look every visit
  6. We scored more set piece goals than Plymouth and Sheff Wed this season
  7. Must admit I do think it limits Bradley when Jones isn’t there. Toal has been excellent at the back but missed Gethin on Saturday
  8. Yep that’s definitely sounding grim, next wages due soon, zero income over summer, admin beckons
  9. I think Randell Williams is absolutely gash, but with the size of their team (set pieces, long throws etc) I think he gets the nod based on height as much as anything else
  10. Anything over 20k and I’d be happy to be honest
  11. If there’s a shitter away than Burton I don’t know what it is. Went to the game under Parky, take a lot to get me back.
  12. Congratulations pal, Play Off Final is the big one anyway
  13. Cheers pal, I’ll be there for the Play Off final 👍🏻
  14. Similar to @Zico I’m missing out, with a wife 9 months pregnant and due on Tuesday. Had one last long run up Rivvy for a while and called for a beer at the Brewery Tap en route, be watching on tv with a couple of 0% beers instead jealous as fuck, have a safe trip all
  15. 4 home wins on the bounce now
  16. QFPants

    Ipswich Home

    If Kachunga had started and played like Victor did he’d be getting dog’s abuse. Williams also looks comically inept. Get Friday out the way, put a performance in at Wembley and then a decent run of fixtures will hopefully see us hit some form for the playoffs. Still fancy us for 5th/6th and half a chance then but results against the other top teams remains a worry.
  17. Thought Aimson was best of the 3 to be honest, be unlucky to get dropped
  18. Everything down that side, not seen him try to stop a cross yet
  19. Very similar to me, Torquay 89 one of the first ‘away’ trips if not my first, was 9 years old for the Liverpool game and still remember standing on my seat for what felt about 10 minutes singing ‘Souness, Souness, what’s the score’ whilst Michael Thomas was down injured. I’ve forgotten most of last season’s games already
  20. We’re fine if we nick a goal early as teams have to open up. Feels like a lot of our play is based on having so much possession that we tire teams out and finish them off late in the game, and the number of late goals we score proves it. Problem with games recently is we’re so slow moving it across the pitch that a well organised team doesn’t have to exert too much effort and we’re not breaking them down. Then we’re left relying on the ball dropping to us in the area or something.
  21. These are long throw merchants, no way he picks John over Iredale imo
  22. Casino’s mate still in charge of Queens Park?
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