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  1. 22 home 2 away #shitfan Extremely jealous of some of these totals though. Don’t know how you find the time and/or money.
  2. Ah, apologies. That one appearance stat came from the ever reliable source Wikipedia.
  3. For those interested, Dennis Politic’s new side Cremonese got promoted to Serie A tonight making 1 appearance since he joined.
  4. A whole day in the sun drinking and snorting drugs will do that. Football games are generally cesspits these days. As Cheltenham fans we don’t really get exposed to it at all in our stands compared to other clubs but for most clubs scenes like the Bolton fans today are just standard weekly occurrences and part of the match day.
  5. Not a lot on Donny or StanleyWays Pick of yesterday's
  6. Best thing about the first half was him FINALLY giving us a decision being met with a standing ovation.
  7. DURING ething thrown from our fans? *lots of fuck sake posts*
  8. Apologies for the delay. Life's been somewhat hectic. PREMATCH
  9. Providing the recruitment is right this Summer, I see no reason why we can’t be challenging for the top 6 next season however we need to be prepared to mix it up a bit. Like you’ve mentioned, I know Evatt has his footballing philosophy and seems quite religiously stuck to it however it’s no coincidence that the more workman like, well drilled units (Wigan and Rotherham for instance) are challenging for the top spots. There’s only one or two teams that have rocked up at the UniBol and have looked like absolute tripe (Burton spring to mind).
  10. Wonder if Neil happened to notice their own fans hitting their own player in the face with some kind of missile. Followed by 2 flares whilst the guys on the deck.
  11. Go on then. PREMATCH (about the time change) Who's this then? DURING AFTER Will update later on.
  12. Fixed now I believe.
  13. Tickets supposed to be on sale now but our ever reliable ticketing system is cocked up again Ticket information for the Wanderers’ Sky Bet League One fixture, away to Doncaster Rovers has been confirmed. Bolton Wanderers have received an allocation of 3,314 tickets, for the trip to the Eco-Power Stadium on Friday 15th April at 3:00pm. On Sale Dates Season Ticket Holders – Tuesday 29thMarch, 10am (one per season ticket holder). Official Club Members – Tuesday 5th April, 10am (one per club member). Non-season ticket holders are required to become Official Club Members in order to purchase match day tickets for this fixture. More information on the Official Club Membership 2021/22 can be found here. Please note season ticket holders do not need to sign up to membership this season. Ticket Prices Adults: £21.00 Over 60s: £17.00 Under 25s - £17.00 Under 18s - £8.00 Under 12s – £5.00 Official coach travel is available, costing £20.00 per person. All coaches depart from University Of Bolton Stadium at 11:30am.
  14. Got our company’s American board of directors over this week, going back on Sunday. Said in fleeting conversation that we’re at home tomorrow, should get on it, watch some actual FOOTball. For some bizarre reason they’re all up for it. All 6 of them need to create accounts (which can take up to 24 hours to activate) Granted the ticket office have said they can fast track them if they ring up but even still, earlier this season you could pay on the gate in the North Lower. Just a faff this.
  15. Well I’ve somehow been banned from that Morecambe fans Facebook page - anyone still a member and fancy doing the honours?
  16. Are we all just in agreement that this thread just doesn't exist when we lose? PREMATCH DURING (assuming that's Charles) POST
  17. You've too much time on your hands @Mantra😄 Either that or you don't sleep very much. Just came on expecting to need to start trawling through. Done me a favour there! What a bitter bunch of bastards. Up the piss boiling, tax payer spending whites
  18. Cheers @Mantra, struggling to get chance to compile this sort of stuff for midweek games. Wednesdays are always busy in this house. Just a heads up, I’ll more than likely struggle this Saturday too as I’m away at a wedding this weekend.
  19. https://www.facebook.com/groups/MFCfansclub/posts/5318652318158501/ If you can get on that thread, there's videos taken by Morecambe fans from directly behind the dugout. Can't make out what ignites it all but all gets very heated. UTFW
  20. Trains smashed up and staff confirming it was bolton fans. Kids getting punched in the face. Blokes on mobility scooters attacked and scooters turned over. Subs calling supporters slags. Keeper inciting trouble at the end. Pitch invasions. The list goes on. Let's hope the full report shows what the majority now believe which is that there is no evidence of any racism from our fans and, once again, the bolton fans and players have acted in the same manner as their vile manager. What a horrible club they truly are. To the fans chanting ‘wanky wanderers’ disgusting behaviour, bans should be in place. Well, Bolton wanderers, what a vile and toxic club you have become. If it becomes true that they had to resort to playing the ‘racist’ card to avoid defeat then that shows just how pathetic and weak your club has now become. Anyhow Morecambe will bounce back Tuesday, we are 10000x the club Bolton are. COYS I won’t give that club 5p of my money they are a disgrace to football and should be docked points for the behaviour of the staff and “fans” I won’t be taking myself or kids to their ground ever Bolton goalkeeper at the final was a disgrace, enticing violence, goading home supporters as bad as their fans , So called professional too I'm suppose to be taking the kids to the Bolton away match, been looking forward to it for ages, I'm really unsure about taking them now To everyone that complains about Morecambe fans behaviour, you can wish your lucky stars you don’t follow that scum of a club! As someone who was sat right here, no racists comments were made at all. The entire thing was caused by Ian Evatt and his behaviour throughout the game. Unbelievable he was asked to calm his hooligan away crowd when his own behaviour and treatment of fans in that section was a disgrace. Their bench players and staff played the racist card to hide/cover their own appalling and unprofessional behaviour. Who do BWFC think they are?? Unaccountable? They told a grown woman sat next to an 11 yr old to “shut up you slag”…. Why’s that not on the sky sports ticket tape? Because BWFC got their accusation in before anyone can work out what ACTUALLY happened! Well played BWFC you got a point when you was down and out, by playing the darkest or arts to get play stopped and divert attention from the missile throwing hooligans (that couldn’t be handled by the stewards btw- that needs seriously looking at, we can’t handle big crowds in that end. Need a moat digging or stairs putting on the back of the stand instead of the front!) That club (BWFC) are a disgrace to football. Worst group of players and staff to ever occupy the away dugout at MFC.
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