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  1. Better than home schooling.
  2. Good chippy was Kens proper lard in't fryer and good quality Roy Hudds.
  3. Aye straight down the boot of Italy and on a boat from Brindisi , better to fly.
  4. Did a similar thing in 1976 cheapest holiday available 12 days in Corfu by fucking charabanc never gave the journey a second thought me and my mate got pissed in the Albion and chucked our bags in the boot, got on the bus every one else had shaving tackle and change of clothes didn't really know why, fuck me what followed nearly killed me four fucking days trapped on a wreck of a bus , I kept getting cramp and my legs swelled up I lay in the isle for 2 days . We had 3 fucking days in a tent and then back on the bastard bus home. Stopped at a service station in Italy and decided I was getting p
  5. I'm off to Darwen for my jab this morning, bring it on.
  6. Definitely I can't wait .
  7. A fine upstanding gentleman, I've known him for about 50 years , he'll survive he's a Tonge Moor lad.
  8. Wish him no harm but can't stand the smarmy fucker, and as for the name Tiger for a golfer ! ?
  9. What would happen to Manchester United the only games they plain Manchester were at Maine Rd when OT got bombed.
  10. No anti bodies so its looking like mange.
  11. Yes mate thats the one looked tiny from outside but lots of little rooms when you got in there.
  12. Back on the Sammy Smith's theme I don't know London all that well but on a visit about 8 years ago was mooching around Fleet St ( Ithink) and fell into a Smiths pub up a ginnel somewhere couldn't believe the price of a pint from what I'd been paying and although not my favourite beer it was still better than that flat southern piss.
  13. No mate one of my neighbor's.
  14. Wire brush and Dettol mate gets rid of anything.
  15. More than likely mate, who knows get tert docs.
  16. I thought she was joking with covid toes , they are sore and red raw but to be honest if ive had it and thats all I've to show for it happy days.
  17. Tony Bolton, Tonge Moor lad me thinks, very good amateur footballer in his day .
  18. I've fucked my trotters up working outside in the wet and cold, thought had chillblains my Mrs. didn't like the looks of em and booked me into the docs to see a nurse, she took a look and got a doctor who came in and asked me if I'd had covid , I said no and questioned why she had asked, and the Dr said covid toes. Thought she was joking but apparently it attacks your trotters I'm currently waiting for test results to see if ive had it.
  19. The only Sam Smith's I know of around that area is the Bridgewater.
  20. I know someone who plays the ukulele with her.
  21. Wemberlee Wemberlee
  22. Hows it work using that amount of energy to stop a pitch freezing when the games making no revenue?
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