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List Of Long Gone Pubs In Bolton You Haved Supped In But Just Naming One.

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Me and Crawley used to be in a band when we were about 18. In Bolton we played at the Crown and Cushion loads of times, Hawthorns, Oscars, the Academy, the Bowling Green on Escrick Street and Barco on Halliwell Rd. None of them are open anymore. The moral of this story is - don't book me and Crawley if you're a publican! :-)

Did you play at The Railway in B/X ? :)


Another goner.

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Food tends to be the more "solid" of the two and is served on anything except a plate. Ale is generally wetter and served in a glass.   Hope this helps

Wasn't it where the old Victory Conservative Club was?

Different ways to get a sore arse I suppose.

So pubs are shutting in their droves, what's the reason? Cheaper supermarket booze and folk supping at home?

I was thinking about this. Times have changed. From my own experience anyway. I used to go out 3 or 4 times a week to the pub, but now have a quick pint after football on a Thursday then if I go out Saturday then will do a few pubs.


I think it's an element of not being able to justify spending so much money/time in the boozer anymore.


I also like a clear head for work the next day, where in the past I wasn't so bothered.


Not necessarily me but I think other blokes just find other things to do

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No biters on The Grapes? My old man was the landlord for a while when I was a nipper.


Right next door to the library and was on the corner there of Belmont Road and the ring road.

Can't remember that one, when was it flattened?

Anyone remember The Falcon on Kay St? It was demolished 30 years ago when they were building Topp Way.

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