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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Peter Kay

royal white

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7 minutes ago, gonzo said:

His appearance on Jonathan Ross was one of the most embarrassing things Ive seen.

If I didnt know any better I'd have said he off his face.

Like he was having some kind of breakdown.

Agreed, but I don't do cringe anyway. I have to switch over even if news reader stumbles over their words or it takes too long to connect to a reporter 🤣

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7 hours ago, Big E said:

no its the standard bolton mentality. hate anything successful from the town. 

I'm just not a fan of PK.

No issues with Roy Greaves, who I'm good friends with.
No issues with Julian Darby, Amir Khan, Nicky Hunt, Paddy McGuinness, Vernon Kay etc etc

I'm just not a fan of PK, no matter where he comes from.

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5 hours ago, DirtySanchez said:

And there we go 

Not allowed to criticise Peter Kay 

No, no, never 

Every joke he tells is funny because he's from Bolton 

Or maybe some just find him funny?

Thing about comedians in general is that they don't float everyone's boat. Bit like musicians.


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I’m glad he is back and hope his tour goes well.  Keeps Bolton on the map whilst our football team is so average.  He will never be everyone’s cup of tea but he epitomises that Bolton humour which reminds me of so many great characters I’ve met from the town in my life. 

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