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Presumably you've not heard what they sang about Muamba nor what they sang about Sir Nat? Did you not see the flag hung over the bridge on the M66? The vast majority of them are United or City fa

I've been researching the prospect of Bury & Bolton Wanderers thoroughly online.    Or at least that's what I'm telling the wife when she questions why BBW is appearing in my search hist

Fuck them, fuck their songs about Muamba, but most importantly fuck them and their songs and banners about Sir Nat. Fuck them. They can go into 'town' and support one of the Manchester clubs

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There's teams in the NPL (below the Conf North) that can pull 2k fans. You don't just walk through these leagues. They are taking professional media gear to club like Daisy, I've only seen equipment like they have at FC United. Certainly you don't take it to an AWAY game. Every team will be up for beating them.

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1 hour ago, waffer cup 07 said:

Why's it great news.

It will make a lot of people happy if Bury play football at Gigg Lane again, especially at a half-reasonable level.

And as a football fan I'll be happy too, but I'm not happy for me, I'd be happy for them.

Nobody has to agree.

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I feel uncomfortable taking the piss out of them when this could have easily been us, especially when I’m not even 100% on us staying in the league this year.

personally I’d like to see them fly back up the leagues, I love nothing more than watching us against teams that hate us.

good luck to ‘em. 

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Apparently, news to me but probably well known by many, there are 2 distinct supporter groups who won't deal with each other & returning to Gigg at the core of it.

Amazing really.

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