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  1. The ground is owned by Salford council so there's nowt for them to sell. Also there is a covenant on the land stating it can only be used for sport so can never be sold off for housing. It's pretty much nailed on this is happening after next super league season.
  2. I'm sure lots of folk are reading this and not saying owt but I appreciate this thread and please continue with it Tricky 👍
  3. Well I'd fucking have him in a shot are you lot pissed? 20 games from him and we're promoted. Pay as you play obs 😇
  4. You wouldn't want to walk it easier to get to bolton fuck all pubs near ground worse than Munichs Munichs i am out...
  5. Take that Sheehan off Newport if they don't go up...
  6. Used my likes but have a +1
  7. I just did a little cry fucking best thing I've ever seen
  8. Its a good game, ill give him that...
  9. Look the most likely scorers atm send it long get throw ins and corners fair enough not adverse to it.
  10. Fucking morecambe not going away are they...twats
  11. Chaps. He's a dick. Stop interacting with him and he'll go away.
  12. Agree completely 👌
  13. We'll twat these now.
  14. Was Rodney Marsh to Alf Ramsey 🤣🤣
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