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  1. I laughed a bit too much at that... Inhaled a mouthful of English Magners and nearly choked to fucking death you twat 🙂
  2. Fucking magnificent. Have a plus 1. Oh. Cunt.
  3. When North Sea Gas runs out we'll be opening those seams up again worry not. Or pay France or Australia to do it for us like our power stations and trains. Jobs fucked.
  4. You wouldn't want to walk it easier to get to bolton fuck all pubs near ground worse than Munichs Munichs i am out...
  5. Take that Sheehan off Newport if they don't go up...
  6. Oh and ill bet I've been to Clayton Lane more than you have in the last 12 months 😉
  7. Used my likes but have a +1
  8. I just did a little cry fucking best thing I've ever seen
  9. Its a good game, ill give him that...
  10. Look the most likely scorers atm send it long get throw ins and corners fair enough not adverse to it.
  11. Fucking morecambe not going away are they...twats
  12. He's good prefer misty ricardo personally but both do great youtube vids.
  13. It depends on the curry you are trying to make. I'm into BIR (british Indian restaurant for the non initiated) curry and ill stand mine next to the best you can muster from any Indian restaurant. Cooking those involves lots of heat lots of spices cooked quickly and base gravy which although is a bit of a ballache to do you make it in massive batches and freeze it.
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