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  1. Wigan fans having a meltdown on Twitter - happy days
  2. What I will say about Evatt is that even when things were going to shit, he never lost belief in himself or the team. Massive credit to him for that. Would have been very easy for him to panic and rip everything up and start again.
  3. Scott Sellars' lad manages Bradford - just to make everyone feel old.
  4. Iles reckons he's having a pop at Henshaw
  5. Aren’t the refs controlled by that bastion of fairness and goodwill towards us Mike Riley? I know he heads up PGMOL.
  6. Just in case anyone is interested, I've listed some of the main points from Evatt and Gartside: Evatt Apologized for performances but says there is method in the madness and they are laying the foundations for future success Current position is temporary - no-one at the club is happy with it but still thinks we have something to play for this season. Will finish higher than we are now. Looking for quick fixes in Jan window but will strengthen squad Processes/structure for recruitment at club need to improve No U23's has been a problem - not been able to loan out or arrange friendlies because of COVID - doing lots of 11 v 11 in training to make up for it Possession is our identity - mentality issues causing us to go behind early in games - looking to get sports psychologist in Played Sarcevic too deep at the start of the season Sees young players in training every day - played games when not ready last season - they are talented but not ready to cope with L2 week in week out yet Has learned it's a big job and more difficult than he expected Lots of work being done behind the scenes that you can't see at the moment but this will benefit club in future We are a work in progress. Stick with us and keep the faith - we will turn it around Gartside Club aiming for sustainability using assets like hotel and property Wants stadium to work 365 days a year but can't at the moment because of COVID - success of stadium and hotel more important for us now we are in L2 Events starting to come back to stadium and hotel Owners want us to become a Championship club again - once club back in Championship they will review their strategy On course to pay off creditors - not expecting further penalties or sanctions Support from fans this season humbling - ST sales, ST waivers, iFollow COVID delayed academy restructure Finances will remain robust if we have to spend another season in L2 Important for Sharon to do good in the community - trying to rebuild relationships in town destroyed by KA Building foundations now for future growth Utilized furlough for people exiting the business Wanted iFollow ST pass to include away games but got outvoted by other L2 clubs Averaging 2,500 streams for each away game on Ifollow - biggest in L2 - Streams for Tranmere away highest of season Football is cyclical - dark days now but good days will return
  7. I was on the call. I believe the ST are putting the recording online so everyone can view. I thought Gartside spoke well I must say.
  8. When things are going to rat shit, it's always the guy who is out of the team that becomes our best player. Comley is crap. I would rather play Riley, Darcy or Graham if we are settling for mid table.
  9. Riley/Knight level of refereeing performance. Worth Evatt taking the red and a fine just to tell that curtain haired twat just how shit he was.
  10. Got a bad feeling about this Lee. You can see the ability but I think we're going to see Mark Davies level injury problems
  11. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/bolton-exeter-city-evatt-live-19601325
  12. Declan John done his hamstring in training so we're back to Jones at LB
  13. Twitter says it's Kieran Lee - ex Sheff Wed. Highly rated by Sheff Wed fans but has had loads of injuries,
  14. Physical side so no doubt we will get kicked all over the park and our players won't want to know - just like Walsall.
  15. The keeper ranked below him is some YTS keeper from Oldham that played 45 mins when the senior keeper got injured. If Evatt doesn't drop Crellin, he's going to get himself fired.
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