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Today's game was reminiscent of early season when Santons & Baptiste couldn't cope with two big physical strikers, but Gilks performed better than Crellin to keep the score down. We don't sco

1 defeat in 9 scrapping to stay in the football league can’t see it being easy would bite your hand off for another scrappy 1-0 .

for me kevin rose was worse than those a poor keeper when we were shite

Be another nailbiting narrow victory, Grimsby are fighting for their lives and have been hard to beat of late, they've only lost 1 of their last 9 games - a lot of draws though.

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We never do it the easy way and going to be a few tired legs out there from tonight . But we have had our best runs this season playing Saturday then Tuesday , Saturday So 2-1 win 

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Nah! We've got to be due to muller some fucker.  Why not grimsby and we'll dedicate it to the lad wearing the scum shirt about 30 years ago. 


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26 minutes ago, Burndens Bogs said:

Trouble is, if that happens & Morecambe win, it's back in their hands....... i think

Only if they beat us; we can lose a game now and as long as we match everyone else after that we are up

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Grimsby are virtually in the last chance saloon & need to go for it a draw is not much use to them .Therefore chances will be created probably at both ends so we need to be less wasteful than in the last two away games.

Dont think this will be a one niller. I’m hoping for better finishing 2-1 to the whites.

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1 hour ago, RatchetMan said:

I really think there’s no stopping us at this point, yesterday was very impressive

Really? I thought it was tight as fuck & could have gone either way. We started well, but the mini mancs had large periods of the game where they had us on the back foot. But for some heroic defending and a bit of luck we could have quite easily drawn/lost that game imo.

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