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2 hours ago, tomski said:

The Liverpool fc v the rest of the country thing is proper tedious now. 

LFC clearly have some whoppers and the scouse not English thing is childish but that said the furore from the other ‘side’ mainly cockneys from what I see is somewhat embarrassing too. Desperate for it to fail last night so could they have a pop. 

You can tell from the well pointed out fact that Wrexham didn’t follow suit and no one seems arsed in the comments above.

As for McLean the attention seeking tit he looks like he’s observing to me? Happy to be proven wrong. 

All will be old news next week anyway.



You would love it, if it was Man United....

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14 minutes ago, Pablo said:


You would love it, if it was Man United....

Touché, It’s not though. Rag twats.

Also I think your across city rivalry is something different in how it’s laid across. I don’t see Everton fans mocking Hillsborough etc.

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6 hours ago, bwfc2003 said:

The no National Anthem was a Eufa directive - Rangers have told Eufa to Fcuk Off - they are singing it

when they say no anthem, do they mean over the loudspeaker, like they do with the CL "anthem"?

if so, no big deal, the fans can just go ahead and sing it themselves, no different than when Liverpool sing YNWA

there's absolutely nothing to stop anyone singing whatever the fuck they want

all they need is a cue to start singing it at the same time

like when the CL anthem finishes or something

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