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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

RIP Frank Worthington


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7 hours ago, nantwichwhite said:

If there was such a thing as a time machine the one match I would return to was that Friday night before Christmas 1978, I was eighteen and the shit received from Bolton rags since primary school was laid to rest in one single 90 minutes. I can't remember the match in great detail but do remember we dominated and Worthington was brilliant. God bless you Frank!

Had a Christmas party the same night at Bolton Cricket club, went to the game and on to the party ... I was a fucking mess that night I can tell

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1 hour ago, Mounts Kipper said:

Utter scum bags. At least we got the win. I’ve just remembered one thing that many of the Man U fans went home at HT the embankment emptied well before the 90 minutes was up, but still can’t remember the bloody game. 

I was in the manny road paddock, surrounded by the fuckers, but it was eerily empty with 15 mins to go

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57 minutes ago, freds dad said:

I was at all three, the DMB match, Blackburn and that goal and was in awe of Frank. I had the white shirt with Umbro trim which was worn all the time and then stored in my mums loft until she moved and threw it all out.

I also wagged an afternoon off school to go to the opening of his clothes shop in town.

Thanks for the memories Frank.  RIP.

Was his shop on Mawdsley St?


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14 minutes ago, bwfc2003 said:

Without being pedantic we wasnt relegated the season he was top scorer

I was still being tied into my rocking chair and drinking from a Tommy-Tippee cup then, not stood on the terrace dressed like a Bay City Roller.


I'd been misinformed, corrected.


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6 minutes ago, Good Knee said:

1978 79 relegated and Worthy top scorer , I'd discovered beer but sure i wasn't that pissed. 

Fuck me I must have been, ive always gone on about him being top scorer for a relegated club.

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Some good quotes from BW players in this article for anyone that's not seen it.

As an aside, Peter Nicholson reminisces about that volley Worthy scored at City in 78/79 and claims to have put the cross in, it was Roy Greaves!  And he thought Reid equalised with a pen, but that was a different game a year later when Worthy had left.  I remember that game as my first ever away game, was sat in City end, their fans singing "City are back" when Tueart put them 2 up.  Loved it when we came back to 2-2 with Reid's last minute pen. 

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