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  1. I hope Wilder moans like the rest of 'em "we wuz robbed, those three goals were all offside, should have had ten penalties" I can't stand the cunt.
  2. Renewed yesterday with my baldy mate. The kid serving said they were selling well.
  3. Fucking elated, I don't get the negativity over Buckley he was superb first half, Henry and Ainwick both good shouts for player of the season. I don't think I have ever been as cold I had 5 layers on but still feltno shame for calling Colin a soft cunt because he had socks on.
  4. Get Th'orange ball dusted off.
  5. Just ask the Lad's them selves they will be in Scotts like they are every game, I have no reason too lie.
  6. When my lad was just beginning too talk I taught him when asked "What are Man Utd?" too reply "Shit" His mate told me a tale when a new southern teacher came too their school , the conversation turned too football. "Who do you support Sir?" Manchester United" under his breath DMB The teacher heard and said "That's shocking I've a good mind too phone your father" His mate pipes up "Oh please do sir"
  7. I have left most games this Season moaning "That's the worst Ref I have ever seen" Tonight I double downed .
  8. For as long as I can remember and according too my Dad before I was born, BWFC were the hardest team with the hardest players, obv with the odd exception. I think the change cane with Coyle when we were "soft as shite" We are slowly returning with players with fight, passion and shear bloody graft For me, hearing opposing managers and fans moaning about "being bullied off the park" gives me a massive amount of pleasure and pride.
  9. When we lose I go in a massive sulk I don't read reports I stay off social media and act like a 57 year old petulant child, today however, Newsnow Bolton is constantly refreshed, I read the most glowing praise off Anewman on FB, the wiff has asked "How many times are you going to watch that goal?" Days like today can't be bought and It's why BWFC are a massive part of my life. The " Followers" of the Big teams just won't get it.
  10. That was fucking ace, we pressed them in their own half and grafted like fuck, sparks of brilliance from Sammy and a 100% effort from all the team.
  11. That was fucking ace, we pressed them in their own half and grafted like fuck, sparks of brilliance from Sammy and a 100% effort from all the team.
  12. I hope Madine does well but, there is the cuntish side of me that hopes that Colin Wanker gives him one to many bollokings and he goes into "sulk mode"
  13. Spot on I started too dislike him then, it turned too hatred when the cunt moved up North
  14. Possibly my favourite non Wanderer, I remember how he tormented and bullied Paul Jones in one of the best perfomances of a Centre forward ever. R I P gutted.
  15. Had many a row on this subject, If asked " Who is your second team?" my reply is always "Fuck off there's no such thing"
  16. I seem to recall him getting lambasted for his tweets when Derby where sniffing around. He is a giant in his own eyes, but in reality he is even smaller than Fellman.
  17. A lad I used to work with, went out with his daughter, and unbelievably dumped her because she had "a fat arse" Not as fat as her dads wallet, fucking dick.
  18. Scunthorpe, but only if away fixture coincides with Jazza-van season.
  19. Time to wake up my guests, make a full English, getting picked up at 11-15, meeting the Rupert Rascals in pub next too ground at 11-30 COYWM
  20. It's also on Bolton awaydayz if you don't know Selwyn
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