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Wanderers 1-0 Sunderland


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Big Sam to score a bullet header for both sides from the Moses Gate beer garden, then the fat necked bastard manages both sides after half time...BUT only takes one of them into Europe and memories galore..........


Gerald Sinstadt commentates on a 3-3 thriller watched by 17,419.


Yes, the Mackems are coming down.

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Chris Coleman has just described it as the biggest in Sunderland's history.


As shit as they are, they may just be up for it.


It's as must win as games get. For both teams.

He looked like a broken man in his interview after the game today. Needless to say it's a massive game, but they look to have a chronic lack of confidence that is reminiscent of watching us under Lennon the other year. No reason why we shouldn't fancy winning by a couple of clear cut goals.
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This is a big game for both sides, the stayaways need to turn up and get behind the team. Hopefully Pratley will be back and also dervite who has been great recently, why he didn't play yesterday I don't know Beevers has been very poor

stayaways don’t come when it’s £15 no chance, be nice for a healthy crowd but won’t happen
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Forget the last 2 losses, we are very strong at home. They are also fucking terrible. Win followed by another away loss at Norwich.

Unfortunately Sunderland aren't terrible away from home, they have lost 7 and not lost 9 on the road.Because we are in bad form, have lost 2 players from  the QPR game, have sold our  top scorer and have  a gap over Sunderland a draw wouldnt be a disaster for us.


One of Sunderland's  3 away wins this season was at Nottingham Forest.There's a chance our forward line will be the Nottingham Forest reserves on loan which sort of says where we are currently at

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There are seven home games left.

The Way things are shaping up we could do with 13/14 points minimum from the remaining homes.


Villa & Wolves are very difficult on paper - anything would be a bonus.

Preston & Millwall are tough but winnable - hopefully four points.

Birmingham & Sunderland we really need to win- as close to must win as it gets - six points needed.

Forest last game of season - ?

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