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47 minutes ago, Mounts Kipper said:

Ha ha remember that day, coaches going from moor lane bus station, tried to get on Hargreaves coach’s which were luxury and more expensive than Ribble rabble, unfortunately all the Hargreaves coaches were full as were the road worth Ribble buses, a few stragglers including me were  left behind, thankfully someone found an old 84 single decker bus which was  a right old battle bus, anyhow we travelled over at about 40 mph all the way to Mansfield, was it Nicholson who smashed one in from 25 yards?

Haha, I was on about the home game pal, I was only 9.

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1 minute ago, Mounts Kipper said:

We need a striker who can hold it up, we get upfront but don’t have any sustained pressure, get it up top hold it up and stop them playing out, Miller might be better option than delf through the middle. 

Agree with that hopefully Miller can hold it up never seen him play but it’s what we need 

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5 minutes ago, dusan nikolic said:

A good first 10/15 minutes or so and then we started running out of ideas , perhaps in part to Brockbank injury and the Fonz looking like he is struggling.  The big worry now is Mansfield are starting to believe they can actually win this.

Yes, mine too.

Thought they finished the stronger team.

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