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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

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Just now, bolty58 said:

It's brilliant. Watched the first two episodes of the new series.

Great villains the Salamanca family.


Word is they will be doing another spinoff in the breaking Bad world. 

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3 minutes ago, MancWanderer said:

No idea if this has been covered in one of the footy threads but just caught that ‘Robbo’ documentary on Amazon re Bryan Robson

Decent watch. Take the fact that he played for THEM out of it when THEY were a little bit shit and it’s not bad

Top player. Will never think of him in a red shirt. Always remember him in that green and yellow Albion away shirt with his fucki h awful perm and if I’m right he scores at Burnden in the programme

One of those folk that no matter who he played for (Albion, Utd) or managed (Boro) I just can’t dislike

Yep. Always think of this when I think of Robson:


...not his time with the red shite.

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8 minutes ago, Whitestar said:

What was that series with him out of breaking bad, he was a judge and his son had a car accident and killed a gangsters son?

Never got round to finishing that and it was getting really good. About 2 years ago now probably??

Your Honor 

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1 minute ago, Max Cherry said:

Fantastic isn't it! I'd forgotten all about the Kettlemans as well. Had to go back to first season for a reminder. 

I love the kettlemans, great stupid characters. 
I said at the end of season 5 BCS may join the wire, sopranos, and breaking bad at the elite table, I stand by it 

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