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1 minute ago, Alf Hartigan said:

I don't know you and I'll accept you aren't racist, just have a think before you make a comment like that

And this is what this dropping to one knee bollocks does. It makes folk automatically assume that any flippant comment has a racist agenda to it. 

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It seems R2R is copping some flack, ffs the lads frustrated like the rest of us, he's gone and posted an off the cuff knee jerk reaction comment, it may have come across as racist, but I dont think that was his intention. 

Jumping on him like a pack of fucking hyenas is just as bad.

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3 minutes ago, Mr Grey said:

Its certainly been open, to open for my liking. I think some of the players are out of their depth, every faith he will find the ones that are up for it. Only a dozen games in, its frustrating as fuck, but I'm still willing to give Evatt time, a lot more time.

Will remind you when Salford dick us in front of the sky cameras

he needs time 

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4 minutes ago, jules_darby said:

I didn’t call you anything 🤷🏽‍♂️


No, I did.

The old bit was because he is old. The cunt bit was in reference to his remark and I think it was completely justified.

Anyway, he's apologised I think, so fair's fair.

Let's get back to discussing how thoroughly dreadful we are.

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