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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

L1 Predictions 2022/23


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In my opinion there were 3 teams last season who looked better than us and the end of the game thought yeah fair play,   2 of them have been promoted,   we have improved and the relegated teams are nowt special especially when one if them will be on minus 15 or so.    

Last season I said be very happy with 10th.

My mindset has now been changed and we should not fear anyone, go out there be confident and attack.  (Think I've been watching to much of the new England test match team)

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2 minutes ago, Casino said:

Im not having sheff wed

No logic to it, cept i think moore is a negative rather than a positive

Me neither 

Be up there but didn't see much to make me think they'd win it 

MK Dons assuming they keep that squad together would be a good bet for me


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Bound to be the usual suspects. Peterbrough and Rotherham are like Fulham & Norwich - constantly swapping leagues.

Wycombe seem to have lost a few so can see them falling short of the pace.

The rest could come down to injuries, suspensions, catching teams in poor form etc. 

I reckon the top 8 or 9 will be close

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