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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. Bloody hell can’t stop laughing
  2. Second half was a great example of how to play against 10 men …..just keep the ball,well done.
  3. Your Dad and uncles are right
  4. Thought our centre backs were excellent.Santos must be one of the best in this division.
  5. briannz


    Sounds a good deal just had my renewal for I follow ....140 pounds
  6. Watched him a lot in my boyhood days ....best footballer we had until JJ ....was my favourite at that time.
  7. I remember a van on the embankment car park selling the Green Final,which,and I stand to be corrected preceded the Buff.
  8. Ooooops got shitty end of stick
  9. If they are half as good as what they come across as we will be fine.
  10. Shame I’m not there now could have had a drink,if your down this way let me know. At least down here we aren’t waiting all day for news,we get up to it. Do you have I follow I’ve found it great for our games.
  11. Living in Matamata now mate,didn’t listen to it tho was still reading the posts.
  12. Woke up at 5-15 in the morning needed a piss(old man curse).Turned on I Pad read through about 10 pages then bingo it was done,had to get up then.
  13. What makes you think there will be another manager?
  14. briannz

    Take Over

    From what I can gather after reading several posts is that due to the injunction the Hotel cannot or won’t be sold to anyone until that court action is done......is this correct?
  15. briannz

    Take Over

    Does anyone know what happens if any of the offers from these 5 partys are not acceptable to the administrators?
  16. Where do we go from here? Its tragic
  17. briannz

    Take Over

    Mr/Mrs/Miss/Master Howard, Looks like you’ve gone from hero to zero in a matter of a few pages on here,I think that may be a record..........well done.
  18. Just saw something I've never seen before .........Germany losing on penalty`s
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