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4 minutes ago, radcliffe white said:

Such a bitter bunch them city fans keep trying one year you might win champions league lads

As for his age he’s no average 36 year old is he, both parties will do well out of this 


Whenever they don't get one

It's cos they didn't want him

Forgetting the ones they get by bullying others in the market

Face it boys, Ronaldo can do better than the massives

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8 minutes ago, desperado said:

Only interest I have in this, is if it frees up that promising young forward, Elanga, who we were linked with earlier in the summer. 

Ooh good shout. I'd forgotten about him. This could be perfect timing.  Ready made song for him too. Didn't Dexys do one about "Elanga, Elanga" or similar?

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2 hours ago, radcliffe white said:

I’m sure commercially it will pay for itself 


1 hour ago, Mounts Kipper said:

Dodged a bullet City, from what I saw in the euros he’s on downward slope, has no sell on value and will be one of the biggest earners, and where does he fit in the united team? 


55 minutes ago, L/H White said:

Socks have risen 

And every kid will have a shirt with his name on this week

Not costing them a penny


Shirt sales alone will sort his wages out. Cunts!

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Appatently clubs have been notified that Crawford & Comley are available, using the term 'up for sale'.

That seems rather late in the day with 4 days left in the window & 'sale' looks a hopeful term.

Nonetheless it sets out the intent and that they plan a couple of  new entries as well. It's being hinted that, sokd, released or whatever they won't be given a squad place.

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Be nice to get one or two in up top given Ameachi and Baka. We were after one even with those two fit. 

It's been a summer where our signings have not been preceded by loads of speculation so I'm not discouraged by the quiet over the weekend. 

Crawford and Comley off the books would be handy and if we can get the right people in through the door we might be able to let Fonz go. 

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