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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Accrington (A)

Biggish Dave

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1 hour ago, kent_white said:

Celebrating the win with a drink in the stands which. is sideways for some reason?

BTW - Rugby is shit! 


Ran out at full time and honestly missed the first 49 seconds of the rugby until some Bolton fans (BOLTON FANS!!) asked to turn over to the DMB game. Ended up getting down to Spoons for the second half as at least they couldn’t turn over.

At 2-0 I never thought for a second we’d be winning that. In fact had Santos not cleared it off the line we’d have been last minute additions to the rugby crowd.

Great to get the monkey off our back. A lot of questions still to be answered but hopefully it is a result that makes the difference.

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48 minutes ago, barrycowdrill said:

Round pegs round holes. Simple 

It'll never catch on.  How are managers supposed to show how tactically advanced they are?

That's not a dig at IE BTW, just the modern trends that most managers seem to employ.  11 back at corners without marking players on the edge of the box another mystery that gets punished regularly.

Anyway, whether its 5-3-2 or 2-5-3, its 3 great points and a first Saturday away win of the season.

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9 minutes ago, Ani said:

My mate said in car coming back regarding Dapo, 'you should play your best player in his best position'

simple game really 

Exactly. I get he’s tried to evolve and mould him in to a more rounded player. But starting him at LWB today was laughable. 

there comes a time where you’ve just got to admit your preference is wrong and for the greater good and to maximise the assets of the squad you’ve got to play the formation that suits the players rather than trying to force players in to a position to suit your formation 

we’ll see on tues.. 

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I get the overall team shape is vital, but surely we have to build a team around dapo? 

Hes by far our most influential player and is someone who can win us a game.

I think 4-3-3 is the way against the majority of the division and allow us to dominate and be more punishing against these shitty tough rugged opposition teams that get in your face. Then 3-5-2 against the better technical teams to match them up. 

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10 minutes ago, woolli said:

Name them please?

Currently better than Bod, Baka and Charles in that option. It’s not about splitting hairs on who. But he’s streets above in terms of intelligence and hold up play. He’s not a 15-20 goal man but does so much more.

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Love Trafford but lets be reet ,     the kick in the first half when so  could of easily been 1 nowt and then the total fuk up for their second was bad.     So pointless looking for other scapegoats.    Lad had a bad day,  likely wont happen again.   

Am still not seeing the Charles of last season , fook knows why,    and jdb missed 2 sitters today that he should be at least hitting the target.

Ain't complaining just nitpicking .       Love a 3-2 away win

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3 minutes ago, DazBob said:

Kachunga was brilliant today. Far more effective than Dadi. He's earned his start on Tuesday.

I think brilliant and Kachunga should never be said in the same sentence!  I do agree though today Bod was poor, Dion, not his normal self, but still getting into areas where he should score. Cant fault Kachungas work rate,but is that enough? Why not try Sadlier with Dion?

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