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Uk Riots

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Takes a lot for me to lose my temper, but I think I've lost it.   I'd gladly go into Manchester and twat these bastards.   and don't come all the Nigger and Paki shite either, it's every race, sc

Go on what would you do?   Talk to them through the medium of dance or communicate through a mime act?

Didledee 10:08: "Fuck the scum"

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I blame it on him being dyslexic. Poor lad.


he almost redeemed himself when he said


"How can people in mani say there aint work with oin 4 weeks I have turn down 1 job and its more than min wage and got a new 1 and pays 15 pound an hour cum on pull the other 1 your just bloody bone idol"


but then he said


"Just sin meself on jermey kyle hahah sick I'm on itv2 sick"

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Just walked home from work down corporation st, cross st, Albert sq and peter.st.in manchester.


Size? Carphone warehouse, o2, the slug and lettuce, bar 38, epernay and taps have shut early. Also seems a few businesses have let people go at 4 as it seemed busier than my normal walk.


Keep calm and carry on!


Stevieb - sleeping with a meat cleaver under my pillow tonight!

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Police Helicopters over Manc City Centre now. I work opposite Strangeways on Gt Ducie Street so dont really know if there is oowt going on in town.


plenty rumours but anyone seen owt?


I work just around the corner from you, I left work at 3, told the staff to make sure they lock up properly at 5

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