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January Transfer Rumour Mill 2012

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Coyle has the midas touch of getting fringe players who are not quite good enough and turning them into first team players who are not quite good enough.

Was you expecting messi or villa ?   Some folk on here really need to get a grip

Some good chinking runs on that vid

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QPR bif ?5 Million for Samba


Is this the new faster bank transaction thing that's been in the news? Biffing....


"How would you like to pay Sir"?


"Oh ill bif you five English pounds over shortly"

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Have a look at Sky Sports 1 now, Jordan Rhodes has 2 after 25 mins, looks the real deal with 2 good goals. The second showing some good strength and pace.


I'd bif a couple of million over now, 'fore anyone else gets him in their reserves.

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Got 5 of their 6 in the end


In league one mind


Against near the bottom Wycombe


?2m tops


Scoring 27 goals so far this season shows he is so much better than League 1 and you rate him at 2 million.


They have already rejected a 3.5 million bid. It will take between 4-6 million which we dont have and wouldn't spend anyway.

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Put a bid in for Hoilett at Blackburn according to Alan Nixon... Probably bollocks but you never know..


his contract is up at end of season so could be available fairly cheap, but aren't liverpool and spurs sniffing round him so highly unlikely imo.

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Didn't he say that we tried with a bid on the last day of the summer transfer window but it got turned down?


What a fcuking signing that would be, he looks a class act in a shit team.


The only reason I could see some truth in it is that we could possibly get him for less than he's worth due to the contract situation, and as he's young he has sell on potential which makes it look like a good 'investment' for ED.

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