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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

England games

deane koontz

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9 minutes ago, Duck Egg said:

Tbf the minutes silence for Craig Brown was well respected by the overwhelming majority in the ground. It sounded like a small handful showing zero respect, the wankers. He always struck me as a lovely guy.

He was a proper gem, spoken really highly of here. 

It would have been a minority. It was all after the heat of the anthems as well. Almost sounded like the Scotland fans ended up booing those disrespecting it, but I couldn’t tell. I’m not painting any set of fans as worse as TMJs overreaction suggests. 

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Just now, Eddie said:

If Rangers support England and Celtic support ROI, who the fuck supports Scotland?

Both sets of fans. Massively. It’s mostly all put aside for Scotland. There are a very small minority of Rangers fans who support both.

The Tartan Army are some of the friendliest & most passionate you’ll see following their team. Unless they’re playing England😉

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13 minutes ago, Biggish Dave said:

Maguire is hopeless

He had to go for the ball. Instinct.

Maybe could have got a better foot on it, but it was a decent ball that he had to defend.

Anyway, we're still massively better than them, just dropped off the pace a bit and invited them back into it. 

Then bang, a tremendous goal.

The question now is can this England team do this at a major championship and not quite stumble at the last (or latter) hurdle.


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