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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Them Wigan C **nts.

Burndens Bogs

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53 minutes ago, RUREADY2ROLL said:

Singing “we’ll never play you again” 😉

can’t see many Rotherham going though; they only get 6000 of their own at home


Only 400 left this morning out of their 5,000 allocation. " we are staying up" party.

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8 hours ago, Ratwhite said:

I have no fear whatsoever for Wigan.

They laughed at our demise and near none existence, I don't care a jot what happens to the tinpot numb A.F tossers.

Maybe I phrased that comment wrongly Ratwhite, I’m as hopeful of their demise as you are. Thankfully I feel karma as they sink into the abyss. 🥳

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1 hour ago, BeeversLeftPeg said:

That's a belting bottom 3 in the Championship.

With Reading coming down I'm praying we go up - absolute no mark of a football club.

I’m delighted with the 3 coming down Peg, none of them will be challenging at the top if we have to spend another year in League 1. Both Reading and Wigan are Mired in debt and disorder with their owners and in considerable trouble of biting the dust altogether and certainly suffering more points penalties. This year has been the hardest I can ever recall at this level with all the seriously big clubs in here so to even make the play offs has been an achievement to me.

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Loving these Wigan owners there just taking the piss now 😂
turning into the perfect storm no player will want to sign for them in fear of not getting paid if they have other options. The players there out of contract will look else were . And if it continues into the new season moral will be Rock  bottom . 

let’s hope the owners are planning on taking the piss out of the EFL long enough to warrant a 12 point deduction 

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Surely this now triggers something like a minus 12 points starting position next season.   

It's such a shame for the fans,  it's not their fault .    Ha    ha     ha  hahahahahahahahahahahahahah

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Wigan Athletic players given extra day off as wait for wages goes on

Wigan Athletic’s players have been given Saturday off as they continue to wait for their wages once again.

By Paul Kendrick
Published 5th May 2023, 12:08 BST- 1 min read
Updated 5th May 2023, 21:15 BST

The four-weekly wage cycle was again not hit on Friday morning.

It’s the latest issue in a season full of problems – mostly off the pitch - which have resulted in the staff not receiving their wages on time on FOUR occasions.

The latest incident caused the club to be deducted three points, which effectively sealed their relegation straight back to League One.

Wigan Today received assurances from high-ranking officials that the wages would ‘absolutely be paid’ later in the day – so technically not in breach of any legal requirement.

But the 5pm ‘deadline’ came and passed without payment.

Meaning the players have again had their patience – and loyalty – stretched at the end of a tumultuous campaign, with supporters left wondering what on earth is going on.

The squad were off as planned on Friday, but were scheduled to train on Saturday and Sunday ahead of the final game of the season against Rotherham at the DW on Monday.

Wigan Today understands they’ve already been told to take Saturday to clear their heads, and it remains to be seen whether that will be extended to Sunday – if the situation continues.

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Mayhem on their forum 😁 🤣

Bolton were able to skip a game outright against Brentford and faced no penalty a couple of years ago. Still haven't quite got my head around how they got away with that.

Because they are Bolton. They did what they wanted and there were no consequences because they are Bolton. Just like the old Rugby League pay cap. Our lodgers cheated for years and because they were Wigan they got away with it.

I agree that the current scenario is unacceptable and something has got to change, It seems obvious now that the current regime can't or don't want to finance the club but doing this again will surely incur another points deduction maybe 12 points this time that will make the club even more difficult to sell out of administration, thus lessening their chance of recouping their losses and it just makes no sense. Also why pay us staff today if they were going to pull the plug? Totally bamboozling behaviour

Why pay staff? I honestly don’t know. Maybe they are relying on staff turning up to open the ground, sell season tickets etc etc to get a game on who knows. The problem is they won’t/can’t pay players there is effectively no club anyway and we’ll be kicked out of the league so a 12 point is immaterial if we can be saved. As you say it’s bizarre behaviour and quite frankly they are unfit people to run a football club.



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Why pay staff ?   Let me put a positive spin on it & my apologies.

1. Most staff will have very domestic salaries, whereas any senior player will have comfortable income. So players can cope ... Joe Mintball in the ground staff, less so.

2. Players ALWAYS, eventually get what they're owed. 'Football debts' are given precedence even (& I've never understood this) over the Inland Revenue. So any inconvenience will be temporary.

3. I guess players wages dwarf staff wages.

BUT ... this is, I think, the 5th month out of 10 players haven't been paid on time. They've been warned, they've had a suspended points deduction, they've had an actual 3pt deduction, further deductions will follow. 6, 9 or 12 pts I suppose. This will certainly now be applied next season. If they go into formal admin.  another -12 will be added to their total for August. Maybe -18 to -24 on day 1.

It's also another failure to have complied with the order to have a clear month's salaries bow-waving their finances. Second time. More points away ?

They could easily fold altogether. The club will be required to show they have sufficient funds to complete the season or they won't be allowed to start it. It's a poor base to take the club over (as we know all too well). After lying to the EFL continuously and on two fronts, there'll be no leeway given this time.

Now, & I'm on a roll here ... probably just fantasy, what would be really funny ... would that exit save Hartlepool ? Would that shuffle along the leagues. Would the L2 runners-up take their place in L1 ?  Could it be BOTH L2 play-off finalists go up ? 


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This may well mean another points deduction for them in 23/4. It must also mean that no footballer in his right mind would want to sign for them this summer. Perhaps my earlier thoughts on here about how the turd will only flush gradually were too pessimistic.

I want us to go up. But if we stay down I want us to get these early in the season while weak/fielding kids and give them a proper pasting while pouring merciless scorn on their tinpot support. It would be good to get an occasion like that in to the records before our clubs go in their separate directions in perpetuity

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5 hours ago, Dr. Feelgood said:


2. Players ALWAYS, eventually get what they're owed. 'Football debts' are given precedence even (& I've never understood this) over the Inland Revenue. So any inconvenience will be temporary.

They don't if the club goes bust

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Wigan as a football club don’t really bother me but their fans piss me off no end. I certainly won’t shed any tears if they end up going the same way as Bury but I think I’d prefer a slower death - think Sunny, Yeovil etc but then keep going. Maybe even Aldershot.

Cant say I’ve missed Bury either. They can keep their non league status for all I care the bitter bastards. I was hoping they’d find a way back but seeing recent clips of their fans, they too can GTF

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2 hours ago, Lt. Aldo Raine said:

They don't if the club goes bust

True, though creditors normally get some return ... & that mysterious 'footballing debts take precedence' thing still hovers.

Again as we found, all players will soon be able to call time on their contracts too. The better ones will be off like a shot. No-one with any options will sign. Transfer embargoes, salary limits, squad size limits. Everything we suffered with knows on.

All they'll have to rely on will be their heritage & loyal fan base 😂😂

I'm in Heaven. 

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17 minutes ago, Campos_Wig said:

Wonder if Magennis will pull the same stunt he did with us and refuse to play on Monday. 

Here’s hoping admin and a significant points deduction beckons for next season 

He’s injured won’t be back until start of next season so he will be off pronto! 

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