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    I agree with all that. Apart from final paragraph. Sometimes you just need a fresh start with fresh ideas and new faces. I do not blame Parky for relegation and realistically if you think of the attitude of the players back end he had an impossible job. I would pay him everything he is owed and thank him but move on. Some of the fucking idiots on here who have called him every name under the sun are an embarrassment. I genuinely think leaving would be good for him and the club. I personally would wish him all the best for the future. He has been dignified and decent at a time when few others involved in the club have been.
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    Owen Coyle was the right appointment at the time. Not sacking him soon enough was the problem.
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    It's ok he has insider knowledge, or seems to think he has, I've never read a more pessimistic poster on here than fan 5
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    But, but, but- the guy that knows everything said we can't do any better. There's not a single person that could manage better apparently. Doesn't matter who does it because we can only employ shit players. Might as well just not bother and pack the whole thing in. Let Bassini have it, make everyone wear red helmets and enjoy the slippery slope into non existence. Aspiration, passion, human nature count for fuck all apparently. We shit and therefore are not entitled to want to be anything other than shit. FFS Nat, Eddie, Speed, will be turning in their graves and ex-players shaking their heads if they got to read some of his drivel. From the dark days of the 80s to europe; none of that was achieved without belief and a desire to improve. Hopefully the new owners will share that and prove the Parkyphile wrong.
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    At least I’ll be able to wank my mate off in there.
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    Really good this, I like the cut of his jib as well. Great grounding, humble and can see how he is able to motivate young players. These podcasts are miles better when Dearden isn't butting in and shouting over everyone.
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    Boris has spooked the horses big style
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    Utter bollocks again and yet another example of your constant agenda that seems to be blame the plebs/fans for everything because i know better (comes thru in your comments on Brexit as well the same intolerance and dismissive attitude) Gartside was paying himself around what £500k per year? to make the big decisions. He appointed Coyle and if he went for a 'fans favourite' maybe as a result of previously appointing the almost universally hated Megson (whats betting you loved him?) Well that was down to the chairman not the fans. If you want to watch Parkyball you knock yourself out you will have stadium to yourself and you csn be happy as a pig in shite watching shite
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    Except Coyle wasn't appointed to appease fans. Yet more tripe and bollocks. Gartside was interviewed upon his appointment, and explained he'd followed Coyle's progression at Burnley, after recommending him to them. His stock was high and was a sensible appointment at the time. It went to pot, and the same chairman got shut when necessary. More evidence that PP has been fortunate to last so long and has to go.
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    He's already said he'd be interested and has spoken to some people, though probably not as manager. Obviously it depends on who buys the club, but it wouldn't surprise me to see him back, even temporarily. Not sure he's even looking for a big premier League job any more.
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    Got to agree. Get Kevin Nolan in as manager with Sam involved upstairs. Now that would shift tickets and get everyone on board.
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    Whoever takes over the club should move heaven and earth to involve BSA from day one, Director of Football, Manager or even kit man, put his name anywhere near the club and season tickets will fly, players will want to come here, it would be a massive lift to everybody
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    Because by this point a big chunk of the match going fan base, Just. want. rid. Just read the last few pages as I just did. You make a lot of good points, but there's zero appetite from most posters for hearing them. Minds have been made up. It's got to the point where the club would be better off with an inferior new manager rather than PP because any action that he tried to take would be running up against a swathe of hostility from a large section of the fan base. Besides, he's been firefighting almost ever since he came into he club, he probably needs a break himself. Any new ownership group with anything like the funds needed will want to get the entire fan base on board asap and regardless of the merits that's clearly not going to happen with PP there. Get someone else in, get the cheap pr and sense of renewal that comes with a change of face at the top and hope that a different fresh voice and set of eyes can help change the narrative. I think with time, some fans will change their estimation of PP and what he had to deal with at BWFC, but that's not going to happen any time soon.
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    We've done horrible grinds many times over the decades, bring it on. But I'm not putting up with a Parky grind when there's the option of a struggle with a manager who wants to win games of football and actually has the ability to get a team playing to a recognised system. Whether we're bottom of conference or top of div 1, just make the most of what you have which starts by not ignoring the players that might score a goal for you.
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    Jo Brand the comedian?
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    You gotta love em
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    He’s a nice bloke. I don’t think anyone disputes that? I would also wish him well somewhere else. Other than call him shite has pp been called owt else? He has been dignified absolutely. You’d need to be for 3 years with Ken. I do wish he’d of challenged ken a lot more like a wilder type. (Opposite of pp seems a knob but is a good manager) Going off your post I think you agree it’s time for a change?
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    BWFCfan5 - you say 'A whole host of our league one competitors would swap their manager for Parky. That tells you something' If he's so wanted why has no other club come in for him OR why has he not fcuked off then ? As you obviously know everything about him can you please inform us which other clubs want him. I would guess that around 80%-85% (probably even more) of the fan base can't stand Parkinson and his boring, ultra defensive, negative, long ball shite football & wanted him out last season, the biggest mistake any new owner can do is keep Parkinson. If they want the fans to get behind them the 1st thing any new owners need to do is get rid of Parkinson quickly, and I suspect that any new owner will know this and have their own new management team primed & ready.
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    I’d imagine, like most people that poster skimmed through all of your shite and other stuff from cuntodiet. Truth can hurt😉
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    It doesn't You made that up
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    Amen to that. I like the bloke, I like his demeanour and respect his achievements in getting and keeping us up as well as being dignified when the shit hit the fan. However his football is absolutely terrible, he’s as stubborn as our peg and his freezing out of certain players and refusal employ in game management or consistent attack minded football makes me want to never witness another single minute of football under his management. He did a job. Just. Thanks and all that but toodle pip.
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    First PP season was a massive overachievement in getting us promoted when we looked more likely to go down again. ( the wage bill was irrelevant because it was inflated by the likes of Deryk, Pratley, Mavies, Amos etc who contributed nothing to the promotion. The players who took us up were turned around by PP, free transfers & cast offs on a bogstandard Div 1 wage bill ) Second PP season, PP performed a miracle in keeping us up in the championship with a Div 1 squad, a transfer embargo, a wages cap & the sale & non replacement of his most important player mid season. Third PP season, no manager could have kept us up with such a poor squad & no money to strengthen. I hope Parky is manager is next season & is given the chance / money to bring in the players he actually wants rather than picking from the dross that nobody else wants, but I'll be renewing & backing the club whoever the manager is.
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    From league 2, not league 1.
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    Dress it up how you like. He’s shite. He’s given us 2 awful seasons and would of been potted at any of the other 91 clubs. He is too stubborn to change and is waiting for Gary Madine 2 to appear. Garbage.
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    And what manager do you think would have magically turned that shitshow of a season round? You live in a dreamworld. A whole host of our league one competitors would swap their manager for Parky. That tells you something. I’d like a fresh start but within a few weeks the usual suspects will be calling for the next guys head. It’s as obvious as anything. No magic manager is available. It’s going to be a grind. We will be playing basic football with basic players. Whoever is in charge. Parky almost certainly has better credentials for lower league football than the next guy will.
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    If there are NDAs in place. How is Iles printed that "Bassini bid on track" No fucker really knows who's bid and who's backing bids. 4pm today will be a step forward hopefully. Then we can get rid of this fucking thread and some of the most dire reading I have had the pleasure of skipping through..
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    I don't care if we lose the first 5 games (I do, but i'm looking long term) but it's absolutely vital that PP goes. Let's say we need 20 players. So that's 20 Phil Parkinson players potentially on 2 or 3 year deals. Think about Buckley, Pratley, Madine etc and ask if you are happy for PP to shape our fortunes for the next 2 years. The next manager, e.g. for next season, is lumbered and spends a fruitless year trying to get rid of the dead wood.
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    Thing is he was always going to be paid - all the players were - they are football creditors - the first in line. If they feel so bad about the unpaid staff then when they all eventually get their pay why don't they all donate say two weeks of it, add it all together and give it to staff who don't have their unpaid wages guaranteed and may well lose 75% of what they are owed as unsecured creditors. Wouldn't that be a far better and more tangible way of showing unity with those less fortunate than themselves instead of the strike that's going to penalise everybody left behind at the club and those that follow the team - and achieved sweet Fanny Adams in any event. Would it have been so hard just to grit their teeth and go through the motions for just one more match - they'd hardly broken sweat in the other 45 games they played had they?
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    Not neccesarily the best all round day out, but the best opening day performance must be the 5-0 at Leicester.
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    If he's in charge we are even more fucked. Those crowds will dwindle and no matter what players he brings in, the Fucker will ruin them.
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    Amazing video as per usual! 👍
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    Aye, any new signings need to assure us they will give 100% and be fully focused when not paid for months, otherwise, they can fuck off
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    Another great trip marred by the football, we drove there and a few of us flew home last night, landed in Liverpool at 11.30, 4 of our lot are currently driving through France and expect to be home late tonight or early tomorrow, 2 have gone south through Portugal into Spain, then on Sunday they are off to Gdansk to pick another lad up then they start the Longest away match in the world trip - Kalliningrad to Vladivostock, met up with a few off here i.e.Widnes, Smiffs, Mr |H and other Bolton lads. In the square in Guimares we saw the old lady who let us use her washing line to put our flag on when Bolton were therre
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    Irrelevant Totally fcuking irrelevant Our lot refused to play, mentioning the stress of not knowing when they would be paid and how it was affecting them Maybe the bury lot don't need the money as much as our millionaire lot
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