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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Youth Cup


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That was an excellent £5 spent. Tbh Bolton were far smarter than spurs. Great goals from Walker and Lester. Should have scored from

the shot that hit the post and 2 other clear cut chances. Fancy are chances to get to the final at least in this.

Tottungham singing group kept going for The whole game being wound up by a group of 20 or so 12 to 15 year olds supporting us? Not

Sure why but maybe a probably a wind up as they were all north london lads.

Approx 50 whites there, half relatives, friends of the team out of a crowd of 2000'sh. That was a good game.

Off to forest tomorrow, any possibility of a similar show?

On Twitters I think tom youngs is a cockernee and it sounds like a lot of his mates were there yday
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phew :)



it does show, perhaps, why longer term. 'relegating' phillips back to the academy, was a decision that had to be made?



when did we last go this far


i definitely don't remember such a good run


Sure I read something recently to say that we reached the semis back in 1956, losing to the DMBs

And that we reached the quarters about 4 years ago losing to Liverpool.

Not the best of records considering it's been going for 60 years.


Btw got a text off G last night to say that L was there. Bet he was calling the Bolton defence a bunch of bellends :-)

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