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The official Wigan are shit thread

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The EFL should issue a statement to say: "We deny Wigan Athletic permission to start the season. What is more we acknowledge and apologise for the mistake of our predecessors in opening the door to th

Wigan can’t say , founder members ,they can’t say first ever goal scored, they can’t say first ever Wembley winners ,with a record crowd ,famous white horse final to boot . They can’t say top flight f

Turns out they owe £3.1415926535

14 hours ago, Popeye doyle said:

I've seen the podcast that the Wigan supporter has done with Alan Nixon on Laticsspeyk. The gist of it is according to Nixon if the lawyers and the admins don't take a haircut on their fees then he fears for Wigan is what he said. He does seem to know a lot of what has gone on there.


Quite right, they are being paid enough to go to the barbers using their own money. 

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Maybe this has something to do with Martinez and the three amigos. Can't see why yer average Spaniard would want anything to do with em.

It is therefore intriguing that the words "Spanish based" are being used. As opposed to solely "Spanish". 

Still chances of this going wrong. It was an age between preferred bidder and deal signed for us (although there were reasons). And of course they could easily be yet another bunch of fly by nights. Maybe this isn't their moment to have a very close brush with mortality. Maybe this is their Ken Anderson moment. El Tanktop. 


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I'm still scratching my head on who would want to buy WAFC. The town is a rugby town. Fanbase is laughable. Football is, at best, the 4th most popular thing to do in the town behind RL, pie eating and sucking mint balls.


Having said that. It has not come as a shock that some deluded Knight on a charger has arrived and seems more than happy to piss money up against a wall.

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