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The official Wigan are shit thread

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The EFL should issue a statement to say: "We deny Wigan Athletic permission to start the season. What is more we acknowledge and apologise for the mistake of our predecessors in opening the door to th

Wigan can’t say , founder members ,they can’t say first ever goal scored, they can’t say first ever Wembley winners ,with a record crowd ,famous white horse final to boot . They can’t say top flight f

Turns out they owe £3.1415926535

6 minutes ago, bwfc2003 said:

We can hope!!


A potential stumbling block in the Wigan takeover has appeared after the EFL have discovered allegations of tax evasion against José Miguel Garrido Cristo #WAFC

So now we know who is behind this deal - There is a bit about him here 


He is clearly not doing it because of any deep rooted affection for the club ....

José Miguel Garrido Cristo is a 54-year-old entrepreneur from Madrid and the nephew of the animal trainer Ángel Cristo. He is dedicated to buying companies whose financial situation is not the most adequate and if he cannot refloat them, he liquidates them.

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“few articles out there. Seems seriously dodgy and it's not as if he is the only interested party. We are not that desperate to jump in bed with another owner that isn't right for Wigan Athletic.”

Is this guy for real? Not saying they should just jump from the frying pan like we did with Ken (if possible), but how on earth are they not desperate?

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Well now. What a delightful development.

This seems to be following a similar track to our problems. Lots of problems and then along comes the saviour. But the saviour proves not to be a very nice person. 

Wigan it now appears are at the "El Chairman's notes" and the "El tank top" stage of proceedings. 

With any luck they will never reach the Michael James/Shazza stage.

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It's an any port in a storm attitude over on Wigginways.

Given that it’s 3 months since they went into admin, this dodgy Spaniard is the only person to match the asking price - beggars can't be choosers.

Hasta La Vista - maybe.

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