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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

1923 Fa Cup Final Pictures...


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I know Mounts likes this sort of stuff......looks like it was a bit busy


I can't begin to imagine what that atmosphere must have been like - I wonder how many actually travelled down from Bolton







Thanks for posting these Sweep, the coloured one my favourite. I wonder if any BWFC fans there that day still alive? Would love to hear the tale from Barnestoneworth whites grandad.  

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They estimate that there could have been upwards of 250K people there - I wonder what the split was, you would expect that West Ham would account for a good 75%~80% of the number I suppose

Yeah but the mob of 25 from manny road smashed em all over landaarn Taaaarn.

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I seem to remember a recent link suggesting 5k down from Bolton?? 

wiki in fact: 


The fact that a London-based team was competing meant that many football fans from all parts of the city chose to attend.[25] The morning newspapers on the day of the match reported that around 5,000 fans were travelling from Bolton and that they were expected to be joined by "at least 115,000 enthusiasts from London and other parts of the country".[26] The easy accessibility of the stadium by public transport and the fine weather were also factors which contributed to the enormous crowd.[25]

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