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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Derby 4 Wanderers 1


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Watching Bolton is ace


I will never stop watching us whatever division we are in


They are an absolute bunch of cunts at the minute but oh well. If I saw Gary Madine in Courtney's I would genuinely smack him.


Oh well


Funny how Madine hasn't played for a few weeks and we've got even worse?

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Take holding,clough,woolery and the rest of the kids out of the team

Play all the wank stain senior players so we can well and truly vent our anger

And on the last last home match put all the kids in and we back them no matter what the score or how shit

Let the kids no give us 100% and we'll give it back

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Also yesterday to the Bolton fans who sang 'we love you forest we do' trying to wind Derby fans up just fuck off totaly embarrassing

Done that for years


Remember way back in early pl days at the Reebok singing somert bout arsenal to spurs fans and vice versa


Never understood it, the opposing fans will just think "what the fuck are you on about?"

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Once again cracking day out ,if you ignore the totally inept performance on the pitch.

Left home to catch 8.03 to Piccadilly.

Disaster at the station 9,35 to Stoke ready to go.

12 of us lined up , Early Dart hands over the tickets, " sorry sir wrong train and its just left "

Closer inspection 9 tickets were for the 9.35 Virgin train , Remaining 3 , had been valid for the cross country 9.28.

Early Dart , Son of Dart and The Bat head to the ticket office.

The rest get on the train.

10.11 arrive Stoke.

Quick phone call remaining 3 60 mins behind.

Egg head locates nearest Spoons , 10 min yomp .

Mr Smith , Back up North and Pinocchio's Dad retire to the coffee bar.

Embankment , Shark ,Sputnik Stan and Egg Head ( plus 2 ) line up a few scoops in Spoons . Rambler Ale excellent brew,

Then back to Station Hotel , 11.30 to Derby ,

Receive call from advanced Youth party , pubs near the station home fans only.

12.30 Arrive Derby , locate Brunswick Brewery pub.

Superb find. Good beer , chip barms on form.

Taxi for Mr Smith at 2.15.

Rest walk to the ground , Wanderers Relegation party in full swing.

Three nil down , spot Tomski looking forlorn.

Made my way up the stand " thought you weren't bothering today ? "

Puzzled look ??? " Who are you ? "

" Embankment "

Left him with a big grin on his face, good to meet you White Shirt as well.

Back to my seat to watch us fall through the trap door.

None eventfull trudge back to The Brunswick.

Couple of pints at Stoke , then on to the Sweet Green , Hogwarts ( for the boxing ) . Then a midnight curry at the Libazz. With Sputnik , Back up North and Son of Dart.

Hopefully next season we will get a few away wins, after the dross of this season we all deserve it,

Roll on Fulham,

Not looking forward to Middlesbrough's invasion next Saturday,

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