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Give it a fucking rest eh  ‘somebody’s moral expectations of someone are very different to the legal obligations you know that and I know that. So why don’t you lay off patronising folk Chris and

I really cannot wait for the day we don’t have to read the words moonshift, Inner fucking circle, blue bastard marble or any piece of shit word associated to this horrible draining 3 year bullshit sag

Fucking massive clear out coming on WW later, either way.

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1 minute ago, Howardroark said:

It’s in Ken and Bassini’s hands still, hard to be confident whilst that remains the case.

The anticipation is killing me.

So we don't hear anything after 1630 we're fucked.

Any idea what sort of time we're looking at if we are hearing something or could it literally be any point from 0600 - 16.29?

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Just now, SilentBob said:

If Bassini turns up in a hard hat with a skip full of cash I might throw myself off the top of the stadium


Just try and land on Bassini, he'll break your fall and die in the process.

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2 minutes ago, Howardroark said:

No, that was a representative who is based locally. 

I told you, I’m simply PR. 

You know I bought the tale from the beginning

But PR....

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1 minute ago, white noise said:

Well played Howard! It’s been a great adventure, let’s hope for a happy ending and the villain to get his comeuppance.

Watsmore or Ken? 😀

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My excitement is definitely overriding my nervousness now.

I hope I don't come crashing down to reality tomorrow when I'm in work at 1630 and we haven't heard anything.

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Just now, Inspector Goole said:

How are they feeling are they confident they’ll get in today ? 

He said Ken and Bassini are still in control, hard to be confident therefore.

But also said it's 50/50 tomorrow on whether Ken gets an injunction and ruins the whole thing.

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Strange place Bahrain, I’ve been over a couple of times on business staying at the Gulf Hotel. Mainly the Saudi’s weekend tripping over the King Fahd causeway and quaffing beers in their traditional get up. Very much illegal across the rest of the Middle East.

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