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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

New kit


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4 minutes ago, Sweep said:

they will


Sadly those dicks don't seem to realise that no fucker wants to sponsor a league 1 team.....

“Substantial” will do for me. Could be Harold Shipman emblazoned on it for all I care. As long as his family paid a hefty wedge 

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1 minute ago, mickbrown said:

There should be an option of buying one without the logo. Not that it concerns a middle ages bloke like me.


Just now, gonzo said:

There's not many sponsors going to agree to that.

It legally has to be an option for booze and gambling firms but I’m not sure you can object to car maintenance on religious grounds.

Also, I don’t want to make any assumptions about the founders etc but it could prove to be a way for us to improve the club’s presence in the Asian community?

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Just now, Steejay said:

I don’t get why any company would get dissed if they’re willing to pump money into the club.

Unless they’re a bookie, of course.

Aye good luck to them we have some bell ends even prem teams have logos on sleeves of companies I've never heard of. So what like I said as long as it wasn't poundland or bums & morons not bothered in slightest. And any fans taking piss who sponsored by betting firms can FRO

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