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Bolton v Newport

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we owe these cunts for chungy

Anybody giving up after 3 League games needs to give their head a wobble, or think back to this time last season. If you're writing us off with 43 games to go, I think you need to find a more fulfilli

Yeah we’re going to the towns. Something to do. UTW.

Got a keeper Fleetwood didnt want. Santos possibly worst defender ive ever seen. Comley supposedly best pass retention last season? awful. Of the 15 or so new signings i have seen we have a front two who should be too good for this division but the rest look like non league rubbish. Who scouted this shower? Greenidge never a footballer either even non league. 

just cant see this lot doing anything 

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1 minute ago, radcliffewhite1 said:

Can’t comment on today didn’t watch

but 5 on the bounce that’s shit and no league goals 

You’re lucky. Did you watch the Forest Green game? Think that, but worse and with more grunts than ever from the co-commentator

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10 minutes ago, Farnywhite said:

How can darcy not get a run out with this midfield ? 

His chance was today, to get 20 minutes.  Now with the captain back next week and the new signing on the wing, he's another couple of players down the pecking order.  I honestly dont think he'll start a league game this season under IE.

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