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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

New kit


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3 hours ago, tomski said:

Haha same. I lose knowledge from about 2001

Exactly the same as me. I could name you almost the whole Wimbledon or Southampton squad from 1994-95 from spending so long looking at sticker albums as a kid, but if you asked me to name 5 players from the usual starting XI of most Prem teams now I couldnt do it.

Anything after 03-ish and I'm crap. 

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20 hours ago, bolton_blondie said:

Kitted out (literally) socks too. Full kit wanker  ☺️☺️



3 hours ago, little whitt said:

My Rabbit was Called that 

You had a rabbit called Full Kit Wanker?

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10 hours ago, Traf said:

Which donkey was he?

😂 The lamest one on the beach! Had a quick scroll down the replies he's not universally popular there by the looks.

29 minutes ago, gonzo said:


....turd laden you say :)


Seen someone say he'll be out for weeks again now while they decontaminate him!

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20 hours ago, Not in Crawley said:

I'm not one for replica shirts but in the online store there is a lovely looking plain white sweatshirt with just our crest on.

Anyone seen it in the shop, and if so is it decent material before I part with cash for it.

Can’t think of the one you are referring to but purchased some junior kits yesterday and the shop looking loads better with some nice stuff in.

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