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Pity we don't have a striker called Conan.

Total bollocks imo. That reads like the summary from a man that would have been happier if we’d drawn or lost.

Give it a rest about Doyle. He's nowhere near as bad as you constantly make out

12 hours ago, Ros Coe said:

Sheff Wed match postponed due to frozen pitch the day before a game. And Hillsboro used to be a preferred venue for FA Cup semi finals..


12 hours ago, Traf said:

Rotherham's game is off and they're in a relatively new stadium.

Should be mandatory to install undersoil heating in new builds.

Under soil heating only works efficiently as a pre-emptive measure until about -4 and even then can only be operated in certain circumstances or you’ll just end up with a waterlogged pitch from the melted ice. Plus it costs about 4 grand just to switch on. 

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Fucking windier than ever up at Migglebrook, so don’t expect a classic. Not that I imagine anybody was.

Will take a one goal win for sure.

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15 hours ago, tshape said:

I feel so confident about tomorrow. Can't really explain why but 4-0 to the Super Whites with a couple of long range crackers.

13 hours ago, Mr Grey said:

Have we scored from outside the box this season ?

Can't remember anything, Crawford had the majority of free kicks and none of them were close.

4 hours ago, Mr Grey said:

Was it outside, I thought it was just in. Anyhow it's still only 1 goal from outside the box, which is pretty shocking considering the quality of the keepers in this division.

Is there a chance, like Allardyce before him, Evatt has issued a ‘no shots outside the box’ instruction. 

I think we only found out Allrdyce had issued that rule after Kevin Nolan had scored a 25 yard cracker into the North Stand goals. Was it against Spurs?

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11 minutes ago, Biggish Dave said:

Trip for the big lads, good support for a Tuesday night

Bumper night for the one hotel in the town. Mad rush (including Jack Dearden) at last orders at 11.45pm. Turned out you could still buy ale after that, just it was from reception rather than the bar itself. 

Vague recollection of my Mrs (not so politely) shouting from the hotel window for @tomskiand I not to speak so loudly sat outside at about 1am 🤣

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2 minutes ago, superkev said:

That’ll do for me

First bunch, yes. I feel for our Arthur but if Afolayan's a better bet then gk with it.

No keeper on the bench I still find stunning. Yet both Tutte and Comley thete which seems odd.

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