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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

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What’s all the blue sheets covering the first few rows of seats in aid of?

Been that way a few seasons now I don’t know why.


They’re still doing that woeful “ooo ahh” chant as well that they learnt on their brief trip into Europe

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Is the announcer at Wigan one of our old announcers?

Only just put it on but if it’s Matt Munro you’re thinking of then it’s quite possible as he used to work at Wish FM which is their local radio station (same company as Tower which is why he ended up doing ours). He isn’t their normal announcer though, the usual one has been in Australia for the last week with the rugby and isn’t back yet.
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From memory, he played an Anglo Italian game at tranmere,rioch slated the whole team and Fulton was never seen again


Oddly,I think we drew the game but boss man went berserk



Edit, just checked and I think we won

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Who is this decent midfielder who the manager is telling the players to boot the ball over his head ?


Our best midfield is Vela, Henry & Pratley, none of whom are comfortable or creative on the ball, & at no time has Parky had, or had the money to buy, a midfield player who is comfortable or creative on the ball.

So why the hell didn’t we sign a target man then?

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