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Qatar World Cup


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17 minutes ago, bwfc2003 said:

Is goal line technology though not a sensor in the ball that sends a signal to the refs "watch" when the ball crosses the line

Yeah and they they produce the computer graphic, think as not in goals can see why not available . 

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55 minutes ago, Ani said:

I think though it should be factual not opinions. The decision originally was 'out' is there really clear evidence to change that ? 

I watched a slow mo that I didn’t see last night on SSN this morning I still don’t think there was enough to say the on field refs original decision was wrong . Something was off about the whole process of giving that goal did they follow the proper VAR protocol ?

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Loving this group. Any one of 3 to progress with Portugal and may well come down to GD.

Ayew's missed penalty could be crucial and I couldn't help thinking of the one Ghama missed against Uruguay in that game when Suarez handled on the line, got sent off.

Now 2 nil to Uruguay

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i cant believe how fast the two red uns broke away. 

seemed like 3 seconds from it being in koreas goalmouth to in the portugal goal. 

the dribbler even held the ball up, but the  break still seemed lightning fast. 

dont think ive seen anyone run that fast to try to score a goal . 



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