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Muamba Played 90 Minutes W - QPR 4 - 0 W - Stoke 5 - 0 L - Fulham 2 - 0 W - Blackburn 2 - 1 D - Wolves 1 - 1 W - Everton 1 - 2 W - Liverpool 3 - 1 D - Arsenal 0 - 0

Sam Allardyce Now there’s a man who’s not afraid to eat a packet of crisps whilst he’s having a shit.   One of my favourite tweets.

Think so. However ours was against a team previously in the top flight, and not one promoted with us, so ours was vastly superior. 

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22 minutes ago, Spider said:

Allardyce is like the car in those Top Gear specials that none of them want to drive but always makes it to the end better than the rest.

Sam would love that analogy.

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1 hour ago, Tonge moor green jacket said:

Not gone has he. McClaren back as director of football type role. BSA never going to work under him.

Exactly what I thought when I heard Brolly boy was DoF. Not a chance BSA is going there. 

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12 hours ago, Pablo said:

How bad must you be, if Steve MClaren is prefered before you......

The I worked at man yoo effect really in overdrive with McLaren.

Also isn’t it his 4th spell with Derby or something like that. Bangers

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