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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Exeter (H).


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1 hour ago, paulhanley said:

I know Exeter are in a right state but days like today need savouring. I think I am right in saying its only the fourth time in my 45 years of watching us that we've scored more than six in a game (Walsall 83/4, Plymouth 84/5 and Swindon 96/7). 

Quite apart from that we've hit the top of the league, a six game league winning streak and lots of consecutive clean sheets.

Obviously there's a big two league games upcoming but you could not wish for a better situation to be in when entering games like that. 

When did we last win 7-0?

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Was really pleased that they stayed patient and stuck to their guns in the first half hour. Crowd were getting a little bit anxious but I just felt it would come eventually, and pleasing that it was via a ball in to the box as that very much seemed to be something they’d worked on over the break (albeit without Charles being there!)

Exeter came purely with damage limitation in mind and we said at half time that if we got an early third then they would collapse and we would get four or five. Certainly didn’t expect seven!

Chuffed for Dan, was a really intelligent run and nifty finish. His celebration would have done wonders for his GPS stats too 🤣

The build up for Charles’ first was our best goal since Barnsley away last season IMO and how cool was Thomason’s assist for Maghoma?

Absolutely buzzing for Tuesday now!

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17 minutes ago, Ani said:

I think Evatt deserves a lot of credit today, they were just permitting Toal walk and whilst dominating it was getting frustrating. He switch Legohead and Maghoma. Maghoma then ran the game.

I thought DC at right wing back was excellent today, in fact hard to fault anyone. 

Beat me to it - masterstroke by Evatt that subtle switch after about 30 mins. Toal kept walking our with it and Thomasson kept peeling out to the touchline and turning in on his left foot. When they switched Toal was able to play it inside to Maghoma on the half turn and we looked so much more dangerous. 

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2 hours ago, bwfc87 said:

See how much that meant to Dan scoring at the end. Well chuffed for him. Reaction of the whole team was very telling. Great togetherness. Chuffed for him.

Yes, I don't think i've ever seen anyone more joyous & the reaction of his teammates was telling, he's clearly well liked.

I still don't think he's a natural striker, i'm not even sure that he'll be good enough but he's got a fantastic attitude & after his goal he looked a different, much better , player. Maybe it's a confidence thing.

Anyway, EIEIEIfuckingO


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4 minutes ago, desperado said:

Love Dan's celebration- he really loves being here 👏

He really does. I know it's only 1 goal, but I'm absolutely made up for him. Just watched his post-match interview on WanderersTV. "It was emotional. I've been waiting for it... I have to give it to the gaffer how much patience he's had with me. Honestly it's got to a point now with the gaffer that he's more than a manager to me." 😢

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