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47 minutes ago, Farrelli said:

Maybe he was keeping his options open before committing to BWFC or we weren't offering him a long enough deal ? Pure guesswork on my part but does seem odd as the trial seemed to go well.

I've been wonderimg if it might have something to do with him last playing for Bury, and whether any compensation is due to them. 

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1 hour ago, Tonge moor green jacket said:

Parliament is sitting (Where's my pint Mick)

Parliamentarians are sitting.

Torquay is a shit hole.  :)


Parliament voted to carry on working remotely until November.  Where’s my pint?😀

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I've never sang it with either. 

And it's Bolton Wanderers
Bolton Wanderers F.C
By far the greatest team
The world has ever seen

It's definitely "are" in the context of announcement tweets, it's purely a personal contextual issue but "is" just doesn't sit right. Conveys a sort of disconnect, lacks personability.

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16 hours ago, Deanu said:

Was on trial which got cut short along with that Ben Stephens where as Baptiste/ Hickman/Greenidge/Amoateng stayed till the duration. Probably didn't fancy him then gave him a call to fall back on him when we realised we're well short for the bench & cover considering our young pro's are nowhere near the level required atm. Not exciting in the slightest but we deffo needed another CM. We can expect some scouse shithousery & a 5 yard backwards sideways pass but at the end of the day I'd rather have this guy doing the same thing as Spearing & Lowe on 75% less wages. 

Given our real lack of strikers, I dont see the need for another midfielder, it looks like we're only playing 3 midfielders if we're going with wingbacks, we've got plenty of cover with Darcy, White, Hickman, Graham and now Tutte as back up to Comley, Sarcevic and Crawford.  I cant believe I'm describing Darcy as a back up for a Div 2 side. 

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2 hours ago, mickbrown said:

Parliament voted to carry on working remotely until November.  Where’s my pint?😀

Nice try. You said they wouldn't be back. I said they would in a covid secure way, like businesses have to.

Like I said, I dont drink anyway, so make payment to nhs charities.

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