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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Wigan (H)


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Any type of victory, can't see it being anywhere near as comfortable as the opening 3 games. They'll make it difficult but good to see Baxter tested last night (and have a very good game) ahead of this one, as think Wigan will cause more problems than Fleetwood did last night.

Reckon Nlundulu comes in for Charles, maybe Morley for Thomason?

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There’s games where you need a performance to send a message to other teams and to build confidence in the players. There’s games when you just need the 3 points, even if it’s an own goal off the keeper’s arse.

With Charles and Evatt missing, this is most definitely the latter.

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I can’t say I don’t feel a little trepidation for this one because although we had a good ad deserved win last night, Fleetwood to be fair played well and had some good chances they missed and which I think the likes of Wyke may not have. Despite that the way we’re playing as a team at the moment is super impressive so I’m hoping that the loss of Dion won’t affect us too much. I think we’ll win this but narrowly with a few finger nails chewed.

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4 minutes ago, Tonge moor green jacket said:

Not sure what Wigan's style is.

Are they another physical group, or do they try and play?

If Evatt is happy to use the squad in response to a specific need, then he may resort to initial selection in midfield, or even a different group.

The style is different.  We try to play the ball on the floor and out from the back which makes Dions absence important as what I've seen of him he harries the defence.  Like I said previously for the first time in years we have no shithouse player ( and I don't mean James McClean) so that worries me a bit. Our young lads seem really good players but just hope they don't wilt under pressure but will play around you if you stand off. Played Carlisle off the park last night for a hour but made a bad mistake and got punished, which is sometimes how it goes when you're still learning your trade. We will miss Aasgaard. 


Overall it will be close but you are playing well but if you don't score early doors it could get interesting. Depends who turns up on the day, could be you , could be us, could be both, could be neither.


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I have no fucking idea, a lot has changed since that horrendous game back at our place.

At theirs the same year we more than deserved our point.

We're a different kind of animal than back then, as are they for worse. But in Derby games like this anything can happen.

I do trust our quality and footballing ability, I think we will have too much for them, but it will be tight.

Probably 2-1, in front of a possible 25,000+ crowd! 


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